Temples and Palaces

Temples and Palaces

So, yesterday, Scott and I were actually able to finish up filming all of the various ministry aspects of Remember the Poor. Kinda crazy, I know. I mean, it was only our third day in the country! But, because we are working with some stellar contacts and even better local transportation people, we surely did manage to get everything covered in three days!

Cambodia, Here We Come!

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It’s official, we are going to Cambodia!

At the end of October, we’ll be heading to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to partner with Greg and Jane Drebes. Greg and Jane Drebes have been living in Cambodia for over 8 years doing a variety of ministries, most of which focus on spreading the Gospel to and helping the poor of Phnom Penh. We’ll be blogging the journey every step of the way while we’re in Cambodia as long as we can find solid-enough internet to upload the blogs!