Project 7 Billion

Project 7 Billion is a nonprofit ministry run by prophetic artist, Latimer Bowen in Abilene, Texas. Latimer is using her art, specifically the piece, “The Lion of Judah,” to share the gospel with the entire world. All 7 Billion of us. God told Latimer she was to take that piece to the whole world and tell them that He loves them. And that is exactly what she’s doing through Project 7 Billion. Latimer has discovered that by having something small to give someone, in this case, a card with the Lion of Judah on it, you can easily open the door to conversation and evangelism.

The video we made for Project 7 Billion is a short testimonial video for Latimer’s website and for her to use at conferences. It gives people a quick idea of what Project 7 Billion is and how people are using it to share the gospel all over the world.