P4X Foundation


I was originally contacted by Lance Fleming, Founder of the P4X Foundation and a colleague of mine at ACU before Kaleidoscope was an organization to gather some footage of his son, Rex, who was battling brain cancer.  That request would lead to several more videos over the course of the last several years.

A little bit of backstory on Rex – Rex was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on November 22, 2010, Rex fought HARD for two years before he passed away on Sunday evening, November 25, 2012. But the Flemings refused to let Rex’s legacy die with him.

While Rex was going through treatments, the community of Abilene, Texas, especially athletes (Rex was a sports nut), stood behind him and made t-shirts that read, “P4X,” meaning Pray For Rex. After his death the “P” transitioned from “Pray” to “Play” when Lance and Jill decided to start the P4X Foundation.  The P4X Foundation’s goals are to affect the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families in a positive way, and be a beacon of hope to people in our community.

From handing out iPod touches and iTunes gift cards at Cook Children’s Hospital to bring  a little joy to the children undergoing cancer treatment to providing a $25,000 towards Hendrick Hospital’s new hospice wing, the P4X foundation is keeping Rex’s legacy alive.

This most recent video we did for the P4X foundation was a local and national television commercial advertising giving a short summary of the organization and what they do.  Due to a short window of production time (the national airtime was a last-minute blessing during an ACU Football game televised on ESPN), there wasn’t much time to capture many interviews or get much b-roll and photos for the video – but we were able to get together what we needed for this particular event.

We are currently in talks with the P4X foundation to do a longer, more in-depth video for their website in the near future.

For more information on the P4X foundation, check out p4xfoundation.com.