How We Started

The seed for Kaleidoscope Media Ministries was planted in 2011 while Brandi Jo was on a mission trip.

This particular mission trip took its participants to 11 different countries in 11 months. Over the course of this trip, Brandi Jo came into contact with lots of different people doing lots of different things for the Kingdom of the Lord. These missionaries, nonprofits and organizations had visions to do more – good and necessary things – in their respective countries and communities, but many of them did not have the resources (physical, financial, technical, etc) needed to pursue those visions. This lack of resources was often for one simple reason: the people with those resources simply did not know about them.

The seed for KMM did not begin to grow, however, until a few years after Brandi Jo had returned from the mission trip. We (Brandi Jo & Scott) were married by then and began to find ourselves discussing the observations of that 11 month long mission trip. We began to wonder how these people could get more exposure for their ministries. Naturally, the discussions turned to the talents the Lord had given us. As a videographer for the marketing department of Abilene Christian University, Scott had many years of experience capturing footage of various activities, interviews, games, etc and creating commercials or other promotional videos from it and Brandi Jo had begun to seriously pursue photography and writing while on that mission trip. We began to think, what if we could combine those talents and use them to bring the exposure needed to ministries – both domestically and around the world? And, what if we could offer those services to the ministries at little or no cost to them?

After getting input and lots of prayer from mentors, friends and family, we decided to start putting one foot in front of the other in pursuit of starting a nonprofit that would exist to bring exposure to ministries around the world through marketing and promotional type materials.

InAugust of 2014, we got in touch with a lawyer and began the process of getting KMM incorporated and filing for the 501(c)(3) designation with the IRS. In November of 2014, Kaleidoscope Media Ministries was incorporated in the state of Texas and in March of 2015 we were officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS.