A Full Two Days!

We’ve been in Cambodia for two days now. And, let me tell you, it has been a full two days!

Yesterday, after getting all of our stuff dropped off at the Guesthouse we’re staying at and taking a short rest, we started our project by getting footage of a man named Eel (pronounced Ee-ooh). He lives in Phnom Penh and spends his days pulling a big cart behind him that he uses to carry the recyclable or resellable (is that a word?) thrown out items from the garbage along the streets of the city. This is how he make a living for himself and his two young children. They live in a one room shack on an unpaved road in the middle of the city, just blocks away from a brand new, would-look-completely-normal-in-America, coffee shop. The juxtaposition of the poor and the prosperous is hard to miss in this country.

Eel’s children are two of the first kids to be sponsored under the ministry that Greg and Jane Drebes started to do here. The sponsorships allow the kids to attend school. Eel’s house is also where Greg and Jane started their Bible Study ministry.

The Bible study ministry has grown and morphed over the years into what has become a dorm for students from the city and outer provinces who want to further their studies and education. Through sponsorships for the students, they are allowed to continue with their education while living in a positive, Christ centered and loving environment. Things that many of these students do not see at home. It also keeps them off the streets. One student, Sammie, had come to Phnom Penh from his village to study IT but didn’t have a place to live. So he was living on the streets of the city until one of his friends, who is now one of the dorm parents, invited him to meet Greg and Jane and see about living in the dorm. Sammie is now progressing in his studies, loves Jesus and shares the Gospel with other Khmer whenever he gets a chance.

We captured footage of the dorm yesterday afternoon before calling it a day, having some fantastic Khmer food and going to sleep!

Today, we began by heading out to a church plant. The pastor & his wife our Khmer. Our hope was to capture them, their church and the sewing factory workers that are connected to the church. We were able to do all of that, including getting an interview in with Thong Leang and Sophy, between two sessions of filming. The morning session we focused on the sewing shop workers while the afternoon session focused on the church and interviews.

So…yeah. A full two days for sure.

Tomorrow starts early for us. We’re headed to a school and need to have everything filmed and photographed by 7:30am so we’re planning to leave the guesthouse around 6am. It is nights like these that I am grateful that the second day of adjusting to a 12hr time difference is apparently even harder than the first. I am pooped! So I have a feeling I will sleep quite well tonight!

Until tomorrow!