I know, I know. We’ve been away for a while.

It hasn’t really been intentional. We’ve just found ourselves lost in the sea of work, holidays, dogs, family, more work, travel for work and volunteer activities. BUT! We are still here and we are still doing stuff for Kaleidoscope.

We made it back from Cambodia safe and sound at the end of October. Since then, we’ve done some editing on the video but are waiting to get a final interview before we can actually pull the whole thing together. We hope to get that interview done in the next month or so and then have the Cambodia project finished by the end of March!

In November, we were asked to do a music video for a local church. We had a lot of fun doing it because it was a bit different fro what we usually do! That particular video is being used for internal purposes within the church, but there is talk of doing another video (or two) in the future for public use!

The holidays were great and we were able to enjoy some rest, relaxation and time with family. January has been fast and furious, though, as Scott and I returned to our full-time jobs. We work at a university so the start of classes always brings lots of “stuff” to take care of at our offices. Our plans are to make it through mid-February and then look to start getting new KMM projects underway in March!

We are so honored to be doing this and are humbled that you are willing to journey with us as we do.