Holy moly it’s been a busy few months! We went from not having any projects to having a whole slew of them in the matter of a couple of weeks. And they’re all (relatively) local!

So, just to catch you up. Here’s what’s been happening.

We’re in various stages of project completion for organizations whose focus is on everything from spreading the love of Jesus through art to helping kiddos ignore cancer to creating and sending beautiful mementos to families who’ve experienced infant loss to neglected horses and special needs riders.

We’re also starting new projects with two other local organizations, United Way of Abilene and Christian Homes & Family Services.


Personally, we’ve also been in the middle of a different kind of exciting season. Why? Well, because we kinda accidentally bought a house. Our first house, in fact.

Previously, we were caretakers of a property that the university we work for owns. We’d been out there for five years or so and finally got word that they were looking to develop the property and we had through the end of the summer to stay there. So, we started looking for homes to rent or (possibly) purchase and, within 24 hours (yes, 24hrs!!), we were under contract for a cute little 2br/2ba home on the south-side of town. It happened really fast and was kinda crazy, but we’ve been in the house for about a month now and are it.

With all that’s been going on, we’ve struggled a little bit with staying on top of what needs to be done (ehem, blog posts!), what’s been completed, who’s contacted us and who we’ve replied to. But, we’re thrilled to be working with so many great organizations and providing them the promotional materials they need to continue to do what they do.