Lots of Locals!


August and September have been busy months full of work for us! Not only did we work with previous partners, we also worked with two of our biggest clients to date, United Way of Abilene and Christian Homes & Family Services.  

We started out August putting together a 15 second TV commercial for Project 7 Billion to air during the Olympics. It was a simple teaser commercial with the goal of getting people to go to their website to find out what they're all about. It was so successful for them that they have requested several more to start a bit of a series explaining what they do.  In September we created a Spanish-language version of the commercial above for them to start airing on local Spanish-language stations.

Project 7 Billion's commercial airing during the Olympics!

At the end of August we got to work on a 15-minute video for United Way of Abilene's 60th Anniversary celebration and fundraiser kickoff.  It was a documentary on their history made up mostly of archival photos, so we didn't have much filming to do, but a LOT of editing and voiceover work went into it.  After creating that video, we made a shorter, 3-minute video for their website explaining what they do made up of the interviews we shot for the longer video.

Editing United Way's 60th Anniversary video

In September, for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, we made a short video for the P4X foundation. Their founder, Lance Fleming, sends Pediatric Cancer Awareness ribbon helmet decals to the schools that play Abilene Christian University football in the month of September.  Along with the decals, he likes to send a video explaining to the opposing coaches and their players why they're wearing the decals as well as a short message about the P4X Foundation and what they do.

September also started the first of several projects with Christian Homes & Family Services. This first video we are working on for them is a refresh of the video they send out to churches thanking them for their support. We have several more videos scheduled with them in the coming months and are quite excited to help out such a great organization.